Rosetta Road, Peebles, EH45 8HQ (01721) 720238

Tweeddale Support Centre opened in August 2011.  It provides education for children within the Tweeddale locality, who have Additional Support Needs but require more support than can be provided within their local mainstream school.

The Support Centre comprises of three large classrooms, a small tutorial room, a sensory room and accessible toilets, located within Halyrude RC Primary. One classroom has a small kitchen area.  Therefore the environment is bright, calm and welcoming and appropriate for children with additional needs.

We have lunch in the dining room and go out in the playground with the Halyrude children and also have free access to the large central open area which includes all the infant play resources. 

We have timetabled use of the gym hall and can also use it when it is free. The sharing of spaces works very well and is an excellent opportunity for inclusion.  Mainstream children interact with the Support Centre children in a very inclusive manner during break, lunchtimes and free play settings.  Likewise Support Centre Children have opportunity to experience excellent role models as they develop their independence and social skills.

Within the support Centre, one classroom provides Speech and Language provision for morning and afternoon groups. One classroom is for children with Complex Needs, some of whom also spend time in their local mainstream schools.  For other children Halyrude Primary is their mainstream school. 

All of the children are very welcome to link to appropriate activities within Halyrude Primary  e.g. non-religious assemblies, musical performances, sports.   It is an excellent example of partnership working and inclusion.

Within the support centre there is a team of teaching staff  - Principal Teacher,  Speech and Language Teacher, Additional Needs Teacher, Outreach Additional Needs Teacher (some of these are part-time posts)

There are also Additional Needs Assistants, one full time in the Speech and Language class, six in the Complex needs class who mainly work part- time and a part-time Outreach Additional Needs Assistant supporting pupils in other Tweeddale schools.

The contact details for Tweeddale Support Centre are:


Mrs. A Warnock   01721 721490